My Fugitive

The show I spent the pandemic year(+) working on is out now. It’s called My Fugitive. You should go listen.

Our host is Nina Gilden Seavey, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker. Her dad was a civil rights lawyer in St. Louis when Nina was growing up. In 1970, he represented a young man arrested at a protest against the war in Vietnam. Sentenced to five years in federal prison, the kid – Howard Mechanic – went on the run. And was underground for almost 30 years.

The question of what happened to Howard bedeviled Nina’s father. So decades later, Nina decided to find out. She filed hundreds of Freedom of Information requests. Read hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. And found a lot more than she bargained for.

My Fugitive is the story of what happened to Howard. But it’s also about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, and about COINTELPRO, and a Cold War spy ring. And what secrets get protected, and which get buried.

And, to me, it’s about St. Louis, and the threads of resistance and repression, Black liberation and white supremacy that flow from that place and the compromise at its foundation.

It was an *enormous* undertaking, and would have been a challenge even without the pandemic. But the incredible team at Pineapple Street made a show that sings. I hope you listen.