Exploring the ways grief lingers after a crash

In my work at WNYC, I’m tracking traffic deaths, creating a database of deaths and producing a lot of dataheavy stories trying to understand who is dying and why. I also, of course, am doing narrative radio stories, since it’s a radio station, and radio storytelling is amazing.

This story was one that I struggled with a bit. It’s an incredible privilege to have people share their experiences and emotions with you, and in this case, I was asking people to dredge up and share intense feelings of grief and loss. I spoke with the mother and sister of Asif Rahman, a young man from Jamaica, Queens who was killed by a truck on Queens Boulevard in 2008.

It’s a story about what happens to a family when a traffic death fades from the headlines, and about how the grief of that sudden loss can hold on. The story is here, or you can just listen.