News Organizations Should Stop Being Neutral on Net Neutrality

I wrote a piece for PBS’s great MediaShift site about journalists and their silence on the issue of net neutrality:

Many news organizations have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. While the abundance of free, online news has helped wreak havoc on the industry, the Internet itself has created incredible possibilities for news outlets to expand their reach and spark innovation. Thanks to the Internet, audiences can contribute to reporting and news in ways that would have been unimaginable a generation ago. Even the most venerable papers are experimenting with crowdsourced journalism.

But that exciting potential would vanish without a free and open Internet — a very real possibility that right now seems lost upon the Fourth Estate, despite its increasing investment in community contributions to news. With a Net neutrality battle brewing in the courts, journalists have to speak up now or risk losing the creative possibilities the web has to offer.

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