Because of Anita – I was senior producer for this 4-part series, hosted by Cindi Leive and Salamishah Tillet. The show explored the legacy of Anita Hill’s historic testimony at Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Episode three featured the first-ever public conversation between Professor Hill and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

My Fugitive – I was senior producer for this 8-part series, hosted by Nina Gilden Seavey. Nina’s dad was a civil rights lawyer in St. Louis. In 1970, he represented a young man arrested at a protest against the war in Vietnam. Sentenced to five years in federal prison, the kid – Howard Mechanic – went underground. For almost 30 years. My Fugitive is the story of Nina’s search for Howard, and for answers.

Pod Save America: On the Ground in Iowa – I was senior producer for thisĀ  four-part series, hosted by Tommy Vietor. Tommy was on President Obama’s campaign staff during the 2008 Iowa Caucus. Eight years later, he (and I) went back to try to explain how the caucuses work, and why Iowa goes first.

UnErased – a series with Jad Abumrad, about gay conversion therapy. Episode 2, about the Mama Bears, was my focus.

Last Day – a show about what’s killing us, hosted by Stephanie Wittels Wachs. I helped with the launch of the first season, particularly the first two episodes. Episode 2, about Stephano Cordova Jr., was my focus.

Some episodes of Note to Self that I’m particularly proud of.

What We Learned From Grandpa’s FBI File (my grandpa)

The Bookie, The Phone Booth, and the FBI (a brief history of the 4th Amendment)

I Didn’t See Your Text (the brilliant Esther Perel, plus I made a ghosting textbot)

Your Mailman Is A Drug Dealer. He Just Doesn’t Know ItĀ (a two-way that shines)

Cucked: Defining Manhood the Alt-Right Way (in which we define fissiparous as well as cucked)

My series on New York’s judicial elections (one, two of many including a voter guide)

My series (one, two) on civil forfeiture in New York

My reporting on traffic deaths in New York, including

My reporting on the racial disparities in metal detector placement in NYC schools

Making essential NYC stock photos like stoop drinking and pregnant lady standing on subway


Deep investigations and a few quick hits.
Poor immigrants get free legal defense in New York City program
A buyout, a reorganization, and the new face of job security
After buyout, union workers get a lesson in modern economics

The American Prospect
The People’s Court? – a very #longread

Center for Public Integrity
Predatory lending: A decade of warnings

Mother Jones
Foreclosure crisis + legal aid cuts = @#$%!
The GOP plot to destroy legal aid
The budget slashing hysteria’s latest victim: legal aid for the poor
Mediation efforts fail to stem foreclosure tide

Investigative Reporting Workshop
Courts explore new ways to deal with heavy caseloads, exploding jails

Don’t forget your court date